25 years with head & heart

Hendrikson & Ko is celebrating its 25th birthday in 2022. When we were talking amongst us what would be a perfect summary of this time, a glance to the time that has been, Heikki Kalle said: “25 years with head and heart”.  This became a theme and thought behind our jubilee year. There are two people in our team who have been with Hendrikson & Ko from the very beginning – founding partners Heikki Kalle and Juhan Ruut. These two with their wealth of knowledge and (life)experience, are nothing less than admirable.

Asko Künnap, the author of our good old Hendrikson & Ko logo, refreshed it for our important year. For me the slogan “25 years with head and heart“ goes well together with  Hendrikson & Ko main guiding principle – caring expertise. This phrase formulated for us after a strategy meeting in spring 2021, where we discussed the feedback from our customers and became to the finding that these were the two reasons why clients think highly of us. We are professional and competent and we also care. We value ourselves, we value our colleagues, we value our customers and we value the society, the community and the environment that we live in.

We thank everyone who have been part of this journey!