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Hendrikson & Ko carries out preliminary surveys to determine impacts of wind farms or individual windmills and compiles environmental impact assessments (also pre-assessments) for planned wind farms.

We use internationally widespread and highly valued special software WindPRO (EMD International A/S Denmark) to assess impacts from wind farms.

For wind farms planning process we offer variety of services:

  • Comprehensive, thematic and detailed plans for wind farms, with environmental impact assessment, if required;
  • Pre-assessments to determine significant impacts in early stages;
  • Optimal solutions for wind farm positioning to minimize the negative impacts near residential areas and use wind resource efficiently (excluding direct productivity calculations);
  • Noise modelling and noise maps for noise originating from wind farms;
  • Näide mürakaardist

    Example of noise map

  • Assessing and modelling of shading effects, compiling shade maps and shade calendars (shade occurrence depending on date and time);

    thumb varjukaart
    Example of shade map

    thumb varjukalender
    Example of shade calendar
  • Visualizations of planned wind farms to illustrate the visual effects of the wind farms to the landscape;
    Visualiseeringu näide 1
    Visualization example 1
    Visualiseeringu näide 2
    Visualization example 2
  • Visualizations can be made as panoramic pictures with the 360-degree view.
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