Visualization and 3D Modeling

Visualization and 3D-modelling are used both as a part of planning and landscaping but also in the form of separate projects, as well as with road projects for existing or future districts.

A visualization or a model makes it easy to figure out if planned buildings fit into their surroundings, to illustrate a future solution coming to life gradually and to calculate soil volumes and model buildings’ insulation properties etc.

Vaade Tallinna vanalinnaleView ofTallinn Old TownNehatu logistikaparkNehatu logistics parkNarva Joaoru Ideekonkursi kavandNarva Joaoru idea competition plan
Vaade Tallinna vanalinnaleView of Tallinn Old TownVaade Tallinna vanalinnaleView of Tallinn Old TownVaade Tallinna vanalinnaleView of Tallinn Old Town

Usually, all planning documents and blueprints are drawn up and presented two-dimensionally. Unlike 2D-images, three-dimensional solutions make the work process understandable for all parties.

The next example is of the Narva Joaru idea competition project:

Detailplaneeringu 2D joonis
2D drawing of detailed plan
Foto planeeringualast
Photo of planning area
3D tööjoois
3D drawing
Lõplik 3D joonis
Finished 3D drawing

The output’s detail, quality, and format depend on the client’s wishes, needs, and resources. All projects can be delivered in different outputs.