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Vegetation field surveys and inventories are done by highly qualified experts and scientists of specific fields are involved for difficult cases. Outcomes are not only surveys but also risk assessments for protected natural assets (inc geobotanical and dendrology assessments). These risk assessments are the important input for impact assessments and conservation management.

The purpose of vegetation surveys (geobotanical analyses):

  • To describe vegetation, to determine habitat types and communities of the area;
  • To specify the occurrence of rare and protected plant species, their population area extent and condition;
  • To specify the area extent and diversity of the habitat;
  • To give an assessment of the area natural conservation value;
  • To give an assessment of the probable impacts from the planned development.


National level, nature conservation:

  • Conservation action plan for the Sand pink (Dianthus arenarious). Customer: Ministry of the Environment; 2011
  • Conservation action plan for the Makay´s horsetail (Equisetum x trachyodon), Northern wolfsbane (Aconium lycoctnum), Moor-king (Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum), Alpine mouse-ear chickweed (Cerastium alpinum), Heath rush (Junctus squarrosus), Allseed (Radiola linoides), Felworth (Swertia perennis), Wedgeleaf saxifrage (Saxifraga adscendens) and Wooly buttercup (Ranunculus lanuginosus). Customer: Ministry of the Environment; 2011-2013

Expert assessments and surveys:

  • Disturbance endurance assessment of Kikepera practices field. Customer: Ministry of the Environment; 2011
  • Disturbance endurance assessment of Nursipalu practices field. Customer: Ministry of the Defence; 2011
  • Vegetation survey in the island of Suur-Pakri. Customer: AS Eesti Energia; 2012
  • Environmental consultation of the detailed plan for the Loo-otsa watchtower site. Customer: K-Projekt AS; 2012

Dendrology assessments:

  • Strategic environmental assessment report of the detailed plan for the Reagati pst 1, 3, 5 site and neighbouring areas in Pirita district. Customer: AS Tallinna Olümpiaspordikeskus; 2010
  • Dendrology survey and assessment for Narva mnt 150 site and neighbouring areas. Customer: AS Paip; 2011
  • Dendrology consultation for the detailed plan drafts solution for Ehitajate tee 140 site. Customer Arco Transport AS; 2011

Vegetation surveys:

  • Vegetation survey for the Kogeli site in Vääna-Jõesuu, Harku municipality. Customer: Pille-Triin Urb; 2012

Environmental impact assessment (EIA):

  • Strategic environmental assessment of Pakri island comprehensive plan. Customer: Paldiski City Government; 2007-2008
  • Strategic environmental assessment of comprehensive development plan for Viljandi lake and surrounding areas. Customer: Viljandi City Government; 2008-2009
  • Strategic environmental assessment of mining plan in Soomra gravel pit. Customer: OÜ Soomramaa; 2011
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