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In cooperation with Hendrikson & Kos’ department of comprehensive planning and regional development, we compile thematic plans for (transport infrastructure) linear object.

According to Planning Act locating the corridor of a linear construction work crossing the territory of several local authorities should generally be determined by the county-wide plan. Hendrikson & Ko compiles (in cooperation with technical drafting companies) thematic plans for locating transportation infrastructure objects. Projects can be county-wide or local authority thematic plans for locating highway or railway corridors.

Hendrikson & Ko is the biggest planning enterprise in this field and has been actively participating in methodology development process. From four main highway thematic plan pilot projects, started 2009, Hendrikson & Ko compiled two. Related to this topic is also Saaremaa project for evaluating and planning permanent connection with the mainland. From 2013 Hendrikson & Ko is compiling county-wide plans for Rail Baltic railway route, which is the biggest infrastructure project of all times in Estonia.


  • Strategic environmental impact assessment of „Perspective Development Plan for the Transportation of Passengers and Cargo Across the Suur Trait”; 2008-2011
  • Strategic environmental assessment of Ida-Viru thematic plan “Specification of the road corridor for E20 Jõhvi–Narva section and for Narva bypass”; 2009-(ongoing)
  • Strategic environmental assessment of highway E67 (Via Baltic) thematic plan „Specification of route corridor”; 2009-2016
  • Technical preparation of thematic county plans for the Harju, Rapla and Pärnu counties, the relevant detailed plans, the strategic environmental assessment, the environmental impact assessment, the preliminary design of the railway and the preliminary designs of the railway-related construction works for the Rail Baltic 1,435 mm gauge line; 2013-(ongoing)
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