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Green innovation and sustainability

DGE group has been providing green innovation and sustainability services to its Scandinavian clients (Volvo, NCC, Absolut etc) for more than 10 years being in forefront of related development. The aim of green innovation consultation is to align businesses to the UN sustainability goals and Paris climate agreement. Hendrikson & Ko understands sustainable business model as a set of new opportunities and risk mitigation, based on circular economy and climate neutrality.

The experience of Hendrikson & Ko on sustainability spans also back for 10 years, but services have not yet been provided as a comprehensible service package. In cooperation with DGE Group partners we offer For our best clients green innovation management in organisation, including introduction of social responsibility and sustainability principles (CSR, SLO), selection of best technology, site selection, operations and supply chain management according to the principles of circular economy  as well as related certification (BREEAM etc). Similar to the services related to the corporate management we provide also life cycle analysis and management of products and services (LCA, LCC, EPD etc). We are there for our clients if you need carbon footprint compensation and carbon offset.

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