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Hendrikson & Ko carries out inventories with the purpose of assessing the necessity of preserving and protecting single trees, groups of trees or tree stands. Possible building areas and technical infrastructure locations in the detailed plans are affected by this. The scope of the inventories is determined by the location and size of the specific area and also by the specifics of the planning process. All trees with the diameter over 8 cm measured at the height of 1.3 m are marked on the map. Smaller trees are only marked if they have been planted with a purpose. Tree stands with similar age and value class that have naturally evolved are presented in the plans as groups and are generally described. The scope of the assessment and inventories are specified with the client before starting the work.

Generally, inventories are carried out in the vegetation period. In a case of natural habitat with domestic species dendrology inventories can also be carried out in the winter season. The base map used is generally 1:5000, for over 10 ha areas 1:1000 base map is used.

Assessed attributes:

  • Tree species (in possible then hybrids and horticultural sorts are also determined)
  • Diameter of the trunk (or girth of the trunk) is measured in the height of 1,3 m
  • Overall height of trees (with Suuto mechanical height measurer)
  • Assessment of greenery value class: especially valuable (I), valuable (II), important (III), less valuable (IV) and expandable (V)

Trees or groups of trees with importance are photographed.

The report consists of explanatory note (general description of age, conservation value, condition etc.), numerical list of trees, map and appendixes (used methodology and photos). Number and abbreviation of the species name are presented in the map for each object. Value classes are marked with different colours.

Example of numerical list of trees:


Map example:


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