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We carry out analyses of landscapes and city spaces for detailed planes, road projects, environmental evaluations etc. as well as in the form of separate assignments. Exact methods of the analysis depend on the project in question. Mostly it covers geology, hydrogeology, geomorphology, climate, natural resources, earth deposits, plantation (dendrological or geobotanical inventory). Protected natural objects, if any, are pointed out. An important role is played by the area’s history (buildings, memorial objects, use of the land etc). The analysis also covers sensible and visual objects and areas (compact areas, peripheral areas, patterns, landmarks, other special or outstanding objects, linear objects, views, noise, smells).

We evaluate how the planned activities will fit into the existing environment and how they will affect the surroundings. If necessary, city space analysis is conducted with the help of an architect. Based on the analysis, upon request, we can make a proposal for building or compile an architectural draft plan which can be used as a basis for a detailed plan.

3D (landscape) modelling for analyses is also available.

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