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The department of detailed planning was created in 2002 at Hendrikson & Ko.

The department has planners-project managers with long-term experience in planning new residential areas, recreational areas and centres, harbours, industrial developments or other specific developments. One of our main strengths lies in planning manufacturing objects. We have the licence for compiling special conditions for natural heritage objects, which has also allowed our company to compile detail plans for manors. We are able to compile 3D models and visualisations for illustrating different spatial plans or projects.

In collaboration with Estonian leading technical design departments, we also handle infrastructure design projects as main contractors. In our line of work, we use most recent software and proven methods. Management of complicated infrastructure projects needs not only specific expertise but also peaceful mind and skills of negotiation. Communication with the public and introducing development projects is one of our strong sides.

Most of the clients are private enterprises, but also private persons, public sector departments, local authorities and different foundations have signed contracts with us.