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The department of comprehensive planning and regional development started with Hendrikson & Ko in 1999. The department’s main activities are general and local municipalities’ planning consultations, covering both process leading and the development and realisation of planning solutions. According to the needs of our customers, we can help to solve specific tasks or give consultations about specific planning stages.

We have long-term experience with various types of topical plans and location planning, for example for wind parks, cement factories, tracks for main roads, light traffic networks, and recreational areas. We can also help with different types of spatial analyses and use the planning information.

Most of the clients are local municipalities and government institutions, with private enterprises adding to the client base only lately.

Our strength concerning spatial planning is a thorough, wide and educational planning process and use of constantly developing GIS-solutions, if the client wishes so. We are convinced that when strategic evaluation of environmental impact is closely tied to the process of planning, it is possible to come up with a balanced solution. When assessing the impact of the plans, our asset is a wide-perspective environmental vision, where we are especially focused on the impact on the socio-cultural and economic environment. We have developed location-based approaches to evaluate what effect the planning will have on the local government’s sustainability (budget-wise), but also to evaluate visual impact.