Riin Kaldma

Every company should consider the impact they have on the environment and on the climate. At Hendrikson & Ko my focus is on helping companies map out their products environmental and climate impact and create a plan for the future how to gradually reduce their carbon footprint. I do that through life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declarations (EPD). I consider all the stages of the products life – from acquisition of raw materials to the end of products life. To analyze the data, I use SimaPro software.

I participate in other sustainability and circular economy topics (EHS, GHG Protocol, etc.) and take interest in work environment and occupational safety and health. Before I used to be more involved with environmental impact assessments and I’m also a member of Estonian Association of Environmental Impact Assessors.

I have a degree in environmental technology (BSc and MSc) from University of Tartu where I specialized in emissions technology. I have also completed further training in LCA and EHS.

I like to hike and spend time in nature, read books and do photography. I also like to play volleyball and different boardgames.