Licences and Registrations


Registration code in the Business Register: 10269950
Register number for value added tax liability: 100039285

Register number in Register of Economics Activities (REA): EEP002064 and TEL002278

  • sewer networks, pumping facilities, water purifiers and other installations designing
  • architectural designing
  • designing, expertise, construction and maintenance of electrical installations

Sustainability Expert-Green Building Professional (Sustainable Pro), accredited by Estonian Green Building Council

Environmental Impact Assessment
Juhan Ruut, KMH0155, valid until 15.12.2021
Riin Kutsar, KMH0131, valid until 22.09.2023
Krista Lahtvee, KMH0158, valid until 25.02.2025

Surveys, action plans for preservation and restoration projects, special terms and supervision related to architectural heritage, historic monument and UNESCO world heritage.
Activity Licence E 380/2008, termless

Professional Certificates for Planners

Pille Metspalu kutsetunnistus nr 105740
Pille Metspalu kutsetunnistus nr 105740, kehtib 9.11.2020; No 105740, valid 9.11.2020
Jaana Veskimeister, kutsetunnistus nr 105737
Jaana Veskimeister, kutsetunnistus nr 105737, kehtib 9.11.2020;
No 105737, valid 9.11.2020
Merlin Kalle kutsetunnistus nr 105735
Merlin Kalle kutsetunnistus nr 105735, kehtib 9.11.2020;
No 105735, valid 9.11.2020
Jaanus Aaviku kutsetunnistus nr 116149
Jaanus Aaviku kutsetunnistus nr 116149, kehtib 7.11.2021;
No 116149, valid 7.11.2021
Marika Pärna kutsetunnistus nr 138334, kehtib 9.10.2023
No 138334, valid 9.10.2023