About H&Ko

Company history

2017: Hendrikson & Ko is from May 2017 part of the DGE Group, sharing similar nordic business ethics and corporate spirit. Merger with the larger international network enable us to strengthen our team for servicing Estonian clients as well as intensifying our export activities.

2016: Hendrikson & Ko starts cooperation with The Sustainable Real Estate and Energy cluster. Range of services offered by Hendrikson & Ko widens – mobility studies and mobility plans are added.

2015: 100% share in the planning enterprise Linnaruum Ltd is acquired in the beginning of the year. This assures even better services in Northern Estonia, especially in Harju County and in Tallinn. Preparations for the period, when new spatial planning and environmental legislation come into force. More active involvement in agricultural sector, led by leading expert Riin Kutsar. Hendrikson & Ko is one partner at international LIFE+ project: Baltic industry pilot cases on reduction of emissions by substitution of hazardous chemicals and resource efficiency (FitforREACH).

2014: Environmental department leading expert Jaak Järvekülg completes Estonian Green Building Council training course and receives Sustainability Expert-Green Building Professional accreditation. Work with regional plans: Ida-Viru County plan, Harju County plan 2030+, Põlva, Valga and Võru County plans. Natura preliminary assessments and Natura appropriate assessments for different infrastructure projects and development plans according to the new guidelines from Estonian Impact Assessment Association.

2013: Hendrikson & Ko continues developing industrial services and expands the expert team. New services, introduced by the Chemical Law, are offered for clients: risk analysis, chemical usage analysis for enterprises, etc. Hendrikson & Ko is a member of a consortium, which won the procurement for planning, assessing environmental impacts and designing Rail Baltic railway.

2012: Hendrikson & Ko applied science activities are transferred to separate enterprise Estonian Environmental Institute. Hendrikson & Ko actively participates in the foundation of Estonian Assotsiation of Impact Assessment. Kuido Kartau is elected for the first chairman.

2011: Export oriented enterprise Estonian Environmental Engineering was founded by Hendrikson & Ko and 5 co-partners.

2010: New, more user friendly version of atmosphere air pollution mode AEROPOL is completed. Engineering department launches.

2009: In the conditions of economic crisis, emphasis is put on exports. At the end of the year Hendrikson & Ko exports to 10 countries in Europe and Asia.

2008: Hendrikson takes part in several large infrastructure projects, like roundabouts in Tallinn and Tartu, agenda for permanent connection on Suur Väin etc.

2007: The Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics is formed.

2006: Environmental department starts exporting, taking part in a road project in Afghanistan, financed by Swedish Agency of Foreign Aid. Hendrikson & Ko is responsible for evaluating the environmental impact for a 550 km road section.

2005: Regular training on planning and environmental management starts. According to the Ministry of the Environment Hendrikson & Ko was the leading company on compiling environmental assessments (no such surveys have been done recently, but is is unlikely that our position has changed).

2004: Work on the development methodologies is getting more intensive at Hendrikson & Ko. The handbook “Recommendations for structuring a planning process” is completed on the order of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

2002: Atmosphere pollution work group successfully markets pollution spread model AEROPOL. The department of detailed planning is formed. With active cooperation with  Hendrikson & Ko the Estonian Association of Spatial Planners is formed. Heikki Kalle is elected for the first chairman.

1999: Specialists from Hendrikson & Ko take part in making general plans for several larger Estonian towns (Pärnu, Tallinn, Kuressaare), also first independent general plan is completed (Narva-Jõesuu). Hendrikson & Ko opens its´ office in Tallinn.

1998: The development methodical bases for assessing environmental impact with general planning gets started, planning work group is formed. First strategic environmental impact evaluation is made for a general plan.

1996: In cooperation with Tartu Observatory the first air pollution spread model is completed. Also, several large-scale soil pollution research projects are completed, which employ the latest pollution modelling technologies; atmosphere pollution workgroup starts. First international projects are launched. Economic specialists and planners join. AS Querqus is regrouped as OÜ Hendrikson & Ko (15.09.1997).

1992: A group of young specialists, grown out of a nature protection club in Tartu, form an environmental consultation company called AS Quercus. Heikki Kalle ja Juhan Ruut are still active in the company.